Rejection by the courthouse is routine for many online divorce services. This not the case for DivorceGuru, and we have enough confidence in our skillset and the quality of our agreements that we offer clients the best guarantee in the business. If the courthouse refuses to process your divorce paperwork due to the quality of our work, we will not only refund 100% of our fee, but we will also pay you $200.

This guarantee extends only to the paperwork prepared by DivorceGuru, and is limited to court rejections based upon administrative and/or clerical errors in the preparation of said paperwork. For clients who opt for our standard package, this guarantee does not extend to errors in printing, compiling, and/or submitting divorce paperwork prepared by DivorceGuru. For clients who opt for our full-service package, this guarantee does extend to any errors associated with the incorrect printing, compiling, and/or submission of the paperwork we have prepared.

A seasoned divorce attorney once described filing paperwork at the courthouse as being analogous to sending paperwork “out for rejection.” This particular attorney was simply highlighting the fact that even the most skilled professionals face rejection from the courthouse, and sometimes for rather obscure reasons. In short, multiple resubmissions, while typically unnecessary, are simply a fact of life in California family courts. Unlike many divorce services, who simply “guarantee” that they will eventually get you a divorce (i.e., if you will tough it out with them for years and endless resubmissions, in some cases), DivorceGuru will offer the aforementioned refund and $200 payment if the paperwork prepared by our staff is rejected by the courthouse due to the quality of our work (as described above) more than two times. Don't be alarmed – this is extraordinarily unlikely – but in the event that it does happen, we will quickly pay up and retreat with a genuine apology and our tail firmly tucked between our legs.